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How I Transformed My Den Using Photowall Products Part 1

A couple of months ago, I was contacted by a Photowall representative wanting to send me some products. I must admit, prior to them reaching out to me I had never heard of the company. I went on their website and was pleasantly surprised with all the products they offer!! They have everything from custom wallpaper, murals, prints and posters. From contemporary, traditional and abstract art pieces, you are bound to find something you love!! The only hard part about this entire process was deciding which products to choose. I really could not make up my mind! But as you can see I decided to go with the Grunge Wall in Blush , premium wall paper. The ordering process was simple and shipping was so fast. My order came with the wall paper pieces which were numbered making hanging them correctly so easy. The bag of paste was included, all I had to do was mix it with a gallon of warm water. This wall was complete in 2 hours! Having had this up for 2 months, I can honestly say this premium wal

Products That Have Changed My Skin Care Routine Forever

*Some of the links included in this blog are affiliate links from which I earn a commission.* Full disclosure, I was gifted the products highlighted in my blog for my review and honest feedback*

Anyone that knows me is very aware of my spa day addiction. I am always scheduling in some much needed “me time” in the form of all day spa sessions. But there are times when I can’t get in due to my schedule. The next best thing to a spa day for me is having a spa like experience in the privacy of my own home. Here are some of the products I have been loving lately that have allowed me to elevate my facial/skin care routine and give me that glowing, spa quality facial without having to leave my home…..

1. FOREO’s UFO 2

4 Products That Have Changed My Skin Care Routine Blog $279

This product should be in every beauty lovers arsenal for 2022 and the years to come!! The UFO 2 turns a 20 minute mask routine into a 90 second treat! I have been using my UFO 2 five days a week, Morning and Night and my skin has a Summer glow already! 

The smart app for the FOREO 2 is EVERYTHING, it allows you to customize your facial experience by selecting you favorite LED light color and the intensity of the T-Sonic Pulsations. You can select a UFO Activated Mask, Sheet Mask or create your own facial routine. During the Activated Mask session, you are guided step by step with the soothing voice of the guide while soft music plays in the background to set the mood.

UFO 2 features instant warming to infuse active masks ingredients (more about the mask shortly) deep below the surface of the skin, quick cooling to shrink pores & reduce puffiness, full-spectrum LED Light Therapy to diminish signs of aging & visibly revitalize skin. The T-Sonic massage relaxes facial and neck muscle tension points while boosting skin’s radiance for softer, selfie-ready skin.

2. UFO -Activated Masks



FOREO has over 15 different types of mask treatments  (including the Advanced and Farm to Face Collections), but these two have been my go to mask for the last couple of weeks. Both are suitable for all skin types and contain a very generous amount of serum in each packet. My skin looks hydrated, nourished and youthful, I will be buying ALL the masks they offer!

The Make My Day UFO- Activated Mask contains Hyaluronic Acid + Red Algae and provides deep hydration combined with pollution protection for radiant skin

The Call It a Night UFO-Activated Mask contains Ginseng + Olive Oil a nourishing and revitalizing formula that replenishes skin overnight.

3.BEAR by FOREO Sweden

Products That Have Changed My Skin Care Routine Forever $299

The BEAR is another beauty device that will be a staple in my beauty routine for the foreseeable future. This device is like yoga for the face. My skin feels tighter and is noticeably more toned and youthful after consistent use. The smart app guides you through a relaxing routine and  allows customization. BEAR uses superior microcurrent & T-Sonic pulsations that tighten and firm skin.



I use this serum before I go in with my BEAR, the consistency is just right and leaves my skin moisturized and incredibly soft. I have an all day glow without looking greasy.

This serum contains squalane giving it antioxidant power, hyaluronic acid  that locks in moisture while fighting free radicals known to damage skin.

5. Dior Prestige LeMicro-Serum De Rose Yeux


One of the best eye serums on the market in my opinion. As I age, I experience puffy under eyes and dark circles routinely. This serum has made a noticeable impact, reducing the visibility of both problems. Crafted from the triple power of the Rose de Granville, this eye serum is composed of 97% natural-origin ingredients. The applicator provides a cooling effect, amplifying the serum’s efficacy.


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