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How I Transformed My Den Using Photowall Products Part 1

A couple of months ago, I was contacted by a Photowall representative wanting to send me some products. I must admit, prior to them reaching out to me I had never heard of the company. I went on their website and was pleasantly surprised with all the products they offer!! They have everything from custom wallpaper, murals, prints and posters. From contemporary, traditional and abstract art pieces, you are bound to find something you love!! The only hard part about this entire process was deciding which products to choose. I really could not make up my mind! But as you can see I decided to go with the Grunge Wall in Blush , premium wall paper. The ordering process was simple and shipping was so fast. My order came with the wall paper pieces which were numbered making hanging them correctly so easy. The bag of paste was included, all I had to do was mix it with a gallon of warm water. This wall was complete in 2 hours! Having had this up for 2 months, I can honestly say this premium wal

Winter Body Care Part 2


    Earlier this week, I shared with you all some of the products I use for my current winter facial care routine. Well now it’s on to the body care I’m using this week!  Yes, I know that most of the time we are dressed in layers and have minimum skin exposed in these sometimes frigid temps but, it’s no reason to neglect our largest organ on our bodies…LOL. Giving our skin the TLC it deserves in the winter time will definitely pay off in the warmer weather when everyone is complementing you fabulous skin!  

So here are a few products I highly recommend and because we save and splurge when necessary (I love balance😀), I have also noted current sale on a couple products mentioned.😉

    Let me start with my all time favorite Products from Soap and Glory.

   These 3 are at the top of my list when it comes to products that will always be in my body care routine. The smell of each product is amazing on their own, but together they create a perfect symphony.. The Clean On Me body wash lathers so well and includes lotion in the wash for an extra touch. Exfoliating with the Breakfast Scrub leaves my skin feeling so soft afterwards, and the Righteous Body Butter seals in all that moisture without leaving my skin greasy. 

*You can purchase the Soap and Glory Birthday Box at Walgreens BOGO 50% off in case you feel like sharing.. and the Scrubs have a $5 coupon you can attach from your app expires 2/25*

    When my skin needs a little more vitamin C, I reach for this because it just makes sense…

    Yes, I love the body creams from Bath and Body Works for their 24 hour moisture, but I also love to use this Vaseline to keep my skin at peak performance again without that greasy feeling.

 Yes, I have several products I rotate throughout the winter, but these are my current faves! 
    Join me on the next blog where I share one of my all time favorite loves… perfume. I will be pulling out all my gourmands and heavy hitter fragrances that will definitely get you noticed this Winter!


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